Why become a CTR?     Why use a CTR?

The Certified Technical Representative (CTR) designation was developed to provide professional recognition to individuals who market and distribute products and materials to the construction industry.

Survival in today's business environment requires value added features be brought to customers at every stage of our interaction with them. Product knowledge and presentation skills are more important than ever. When these skills are combined with a knowledge of the construction process and its participants, they clearly provide the technical representative with an edge. The CTR designation attests to independent and objective adherence to the highest quality of product representation.

The respect and recognition associated with the CTR designation will give individuals a competitive edge and increase their credibility in the design and construction field. It will also enable technical representatives to effectively communicate with design professionals and be seen as valuable technical resources i.e.- the people called upon for technical advice.

As a CTR your clients will know that you:

  • understand your role in the construction process, the principles of product representation, and the preparation of construction documents;
  • are skilled in the interpretation and preparation of product specifications, understand substitution procedures, and are familiar with construction product warranties and guarantees;
  • can prepare a technical specification section according to CSC principles; and
  • understand MasterFormat and the concept of organizing written construction documents.

The CTR designation recognizes the experience, integrity and competence of product representatives, and symbolizes a commitment to excellence with demonstrated ability in product representation.

An applicant for certification as a CTR must be a member of CSC. To achieve the CTR status a participant must successfully complete both the Principles of Construction Documentation, and Technical Representative course; successfully conduct a technical sales presentation to a review board on a product appropriate to the applicant's field, and accumulate at least 2 years of related experience in construction related industries.

CTR Codes of Conduct and Practice
1  Certified Technical Representatives (CTR) by their acceptance of Certification shall agree to the following Code of Conduct and Practices:

2  Code of Conduct related to Project Work:
    .1  The CTR performs quality work in accordance with accepted recommended standards, skill and good judgement;
    .2  represents products or services in a fair, timely and consistent manner. Will not knowingly misrepresent a product or service;
    .3  represents products, services and information on the basis of merit in a clear, concise and complete manner without consideration
         for personal gain.  Will not knowingly misrepresent a product or service;
    .4  The CTR:
         .1  maintains consideration for safety and welfare of the public;
         .2  maintains privacy of clients’ interests or business affairs and
         .3  complies with Codes, Statutes, Regulations, and rules applicable to work undertaken.

3  Code of Conduct related to the Certified Technical Representative:
    .1  The CTR engages in activities to advance effectiveness of construction technical documents, product literature, and
          preparation including use of uniform practices and standard documents recommended by CSC;
     .2  The CTR shall not present the CTR designation as an endorsement of products or services but as a certification that the CTR has achieved      
          prescribed level of knowledge and understanding of the design and construction process through successful completion of a course of studies;
     .3  The CTR;
          .1  supports the aims of the CSC;
          .2  freely exchanges non-confidential information and experience with other members of the Association;
          .3  avoids conduct which would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable, or unprofessional;
          .4  acts toward other CTR members with respect, good will, and fairness;
          .5  does not maliciously injure the reputation or business of another member.

If applying for the CTR Designation, please include an updated resume with your application form.