Why become an RSW?    Why use the services of an RSW?

In today's complex, changing construction industry, a competent specifier is a vital part of the design team. The RSW designation was developed to attest the combination of knowledge, experience and judgement related to construction procurement and to lend credibility to RSWs participation in a multi-billion dollar industry. Becoming an RSW will show commitment to producing accurate documentation, thereby enhancing your professional credibility through increased confidence of your peers, employers and clients.

The RSW program is available to those who prepare or supervise the preparation of construction specifications. CSC offers educational programs that integrate with and complement the RSW program.

An RSW is a contract documentation specialist with a broad knowledge base and strategic insight to strengthen a Design Team and enhance performance throughout an organization. An RSW is a professional who can help keep a practice more competitive, profitable, efficient and even reduce its liability. Consultants can feel confident when engaging the services of an RSW, because an RSW has proven competence through a recognized registration program.

The RSW designation is an important recognition of achievement. Attaining the RSW designation provides the specifier with:

  • Greater understanding of construction specifications;
  • The ability to improved the quality of specifications;
  • Greater efficiency and proficiency in documentation preparation;
  • A recognition of commitment to recognized standards of quality documentation;
  • Recognition by peers, the construction industry, and employers;
  • Confidence of clients when engaging the services of an RSW

The following is a partial list of priority objectives that RSWs are expected to achieve: Pursue Professional Development; Apply Communication Technologies; Evaluate Risk Management Issues; Apply Laws, Codes and Standards; Apply Building Technologies; Apply Forms of Contract; Apply Design and Construction Process and Produce Construction Documents.

The CSC Principles of Construction Documentation (PCD) course, CSC Specifier 1 and 2 courses are not pre-requisites to obtaining the RSW designation, however, successful completion of the courses reduces the number of hours required to complete the experience portion of the registration process.

Code of Conduct and Practice
 1  Registered Specification Writers (RSW) by their acceptance of Registration shall agree to the following Code of Conduct and Practice:

 2   Code of Conduct Related to Project Work:
     .1  The RSW performs quality work in accordance with accepted, recommended standards, using skill and good judgement.
     .2  The RSW writes documents and specifications which are current, clear, concise, thorough, fair and capable of enforcement and specifies products
           on basis of merit without consideration for personal gain or favours.
     .3  The RSW
        .1 upholds documents and specifications objectively and impartially;
        .2  complies with Codes, Statutes, Regulations, and rules in connection with work undertaken;
         3  undertakes only work for which one is qualified;
        .4  does not accept compensation for an identical service from more than one party;
        .5  avoids conflicts of interest;
        .6  does not make use of manufacturers or suppliers services which carry an obligation detrimental to ethics;
        .7  maintains privacy of client's interests or business affairs and has loyalty to client or employers interests;
        .8  maintains consideration for safety and welfare of the public;
        .9  claims authorship for own work;
       .10  does not provide services without a contract;
       .11  does not gain advantage by undercutting another bid or proposal after bid or proposal closure.

3  Code of Conduct Related to Registered Specification Writers:
   .1  The RSW engages in activities to advance effectiveness of construction specification preparation including use of
         uniform practices and standard documents recommended by CSC.
    .2  The RSW:
         .1  supports the aims of the Association;
         .2  freely exchanges non-confidential information and experience with other members of the Association;
         .3  avoids conduct that would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful, dishonourable, or unprofessional;
         .4  acts towards other members of the Association with respect, good will and fairness;
         .5  does not maliciously injure the reputation or business of another RSW member.


To simplify the RSW review process, please submit your projects in digital format.