CSC Regina Chapter: Virtual Presentation by Elastochem

Fire & Spray Foam
February 04, 2021 | By Chapter Webmaster

Join the CSC Regina Chapter for a virtual presentation on Thursday February 4, 2021 at 12:00pm CST.

Learning Objectives:

Fire & Spray Foam (SPF). Which insulation products are combustible? How do they need to be protected? Where can they safely be used?

Installation & the SPF Industry: How is the industry monitored? and what are the proper installation techniques?

Sustainability & SPF: How sustainable are spray foam insulations? How do they stack up to other products in terms of embodied carbon and other considerations?

Jan 2021 Blowing Agent Regulations. Understanding the new Blowing Agent Regulations from Environment Canada.

Company Background:
Elastochem manufacturers a large range of polyurethane and epoxy-based products at their Canadian owned facility in Brantford Ontario. The Chemicals division manufactures a complete line of coatings, foams, sealant, adhesives and primers. Specializing in spray foam insulations, Elastochem launched the first low Global warming, HFO-based closed cell spray foam to the Canadian marketplace in 2015.

Mike Benetti B.Com, MBA  Elastochem Specialty Chemicals
Mike is the Commercial Sales Manager for Elastochem Specialty Chemicals, a Canadian owned and operated spray foam manufacturer out of Brantford Ontario. Mike has over 15 years in the insulation industry, previously working for Roxul Insulation. Over his career Mike has spent time in various sales and marketing roles, spending time in the residential, commercial wall and flat roof segments. His passion lies helping architects and designers evaluate the various insulating strategies available on the market today.
Rockford Boyer B.Arch.Sc., MBSc., BSSO Elastochem Specialty Chemicals
Rockford is the Technical Manager -Building Enclosure for Elastochem Specialty Chemicals, a Canadian owned and operated spray foam manufacturer out of Brantford Ontario. Rockford has over 15 years in building enclosure design, previously working for Jacson Engineering, AMEC and Roxul Insulation. An experienced building scientist, Rockford recently completed his Masters of Building Science degree at Ryerson University where his thesis focused on self-drying flat roof design. His passion lies in helping architects and designers develop energy efficient and durable enclosure designs.

contact: cscreginachapter@gmail.com to register to attend.